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New Fort McKay Elders Advisory Group

Feb 11 2009

In 2009, an Elders Advisory Group in Fort McKay has been established to meet with and advise the Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program. The purpose of the group is to improve the relationship and communication between RAMP and the community of Fort McKay. RAMP recognized the need to form a closer relationship with Fort McKay in order to better share monitoring results, information about fish programs and sampling, and to gain insight from community members who use the rivers and lakes in the region.

The Fort McKay IRC identified nine Elders to meet with RAMP representatives 3 to 4 times per year, particularly following seasonal fish sampling programs conducted by RAMP. The first meeting was held on February 11, 2009. The elders on the Elders Advisory Group are Flora Grandjambe, Scotty Stewart, Clara Boucher, Andrew Boucher, Celina Harpe, Margaret McDonald, Wilfred Grandjambe, Ed Cooper and Mary Tourangeau (See the group photo - Note Wilfred, Ed and Mary were unavailable when the photo was taken).

In the months to come, RAMP will be providing the elders with information they requested about river flows, water quality, and fish; and feedback from the elders will be used to improve the monitoring program and communication with the community. The next meeting is scheduled for early fall 2009.

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