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RAMP holds fish monitoring workshop with experts from Oregon State University

Jul 9 2009

RAMP invited experts from Oregon State University to a workshop in July 2009 to develop new monitoring strategies for the fish population component. Dr. Bob Hughes and Mr. Thom Whittier are involved with the United States Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program and were asked by RAMP to independently review the fish population monitoring program and make recommendations. During the workshop, members of RAMP worked with Dr. Hughes and Mr. Whittier to design a monitoring program that would build on the current site-specific monitoring, but include a more regional assessment of the oil sands area.

The end result of the workshop was the development of a pilot study to be initiated in September 2009 to assess whole fish assemblages in each watercourse as a tool to detect potential changes related to oil sands activities. The pilot study will also harmonize monitoring with the other components in RAMP: water quality, sediment quality and benthic invertebrate monitoring.

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