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What is environmental management?

Environmental management in the oil sands region

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Federal Legislation

The federal government has the power to pass and enforce environmental laws relating to shipping, criminal law, fisheries, interprovincial trade and commerce, migratory birds, and any legislation addressing “Peace, Order, and Good Government of Canada” (Environmental Law, 2007).

Furthermore, an international treaty does not automatically become part of Canadian law and must be incorporated into federal legislation before treaty obligations become binding at the domestic level. If the treaty addresses matters under provincial jurisdiction, then the treaty must also be incorporated into provincial legislation.

The following legislative acts are important in the protection of aquatic environments in the oil sands region:

Dealing with toxic substances and pollution:

Regulating the pollution and withdrawal of water:

Protection of fish and fish habitat:

Safety and the environment:

Laws concerning construction and obstruction in navigable waters:

Aims to prevent species from becoming extinct and aims to recover threatened species:

For the protection of the environment during and after construction of a project:




Canadian Parliament Buildings, Ottawa
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