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Criteria for Membership in RAMP

A RAMP member can either be a funding member or a non-funding member and can either be active (right to vote) or non-active (non-voting).

A member is any organization that has applied for and met the requirements for membership of RAMP as outlined in the continually updated Terms of Reference. The roles of funding and non-funding members are as follows:

  • A funding member is a member of the Steering Committee that provides either direct or in-kind funding (equipment or personnel) to carry out RAMP activities.
  • A non-funding member is any member of the RAMP Steering Committee that does not provide direct or in-kind funding for RAMP activities, but offers expertise and/or knowledge that furthers the understanding required to carry out RAMP activities.

Applying for Membership

Application for membership in RAMP is through the submission of a letter to the Chair of the Steering Committee.

New members may be admitted to RAMP provided:

  • The concept of consensus agreement is accepted by the new member;
  • The member outlines in writing their potential contribution to RAMP and the needs of the member from RAMP; and
  • The admission of the new member is approved by consensus, or failing that, by 75% majority vote of all existing members of the RAMP Steering Committee in good standing.

Members are expected to adhere to the ground rules as outlined in the Terms of Reference. Failure to do so could result in membership being revoked. The Steering Committee may, by a 75% majority vote of all members in good standing and at a meeting convened in accordance with the requirements set out in the Terms of Reference, elect to revoke membership from the Steering Committee or the Technical Program Review Committee.


Each member organization shall designate in writing to the Chairperson of the Steering Committee the name of its representative. That representative is thereby authorized to act and vote in the affairs of RAMP.

Each member organization may also designate two alternate representatives with full powers to act and vote in the absence of its designated representative.

Each member organization may change, by notice in writing to the Chairperson, the member’s name, its designated representative, or alternate representatives.

Membership on the Technical Program Committee

Members may be admitted to the Technical Program Committee following written application to the Steering Committee Chair.  Alternatively, the Steering Committee may solicit members for the Technical Program Committee.  The Technical Program Committee may also invite specialists to assist with review without reference to the Steering Committee provided that specialist does not become a permanent or voting member.



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